Indoor Air Quality

Elsys ERS CO2

ERS CO2 is the sensor for advanced indoor environment monitoring. Connects instantly to Semvar for data visualisation, reporting and alerting.

Indoor Air Quality

ERS CO2 has the capability of measuring everything regarding the indoor environment. You will have full control over the CO2 levels, temperature, light, and humidity for either homes or workplaces. It also detects motion with a passive infrared camera and is our most powerful indoor climate sensor. This is a smart and professional LoRaWAN® device and very easy to configure. Its design is minimalistic which makes it ideal for mounting on walls in offices or in homes.

Air TemperatureAir Temperature
Carbon DioxideCarbon Dioxide


Indicator Light

This sensor has a traffic light feature to let you know when a certain threshold of CO2 levels, or any other value, has been reached. The threshold value is configurable and you can choose the color of the light, the frequency, and the light intensity.

NFC Configurable

All sensor settings can be configured via a smartphone application with NFC (Near Field Communication) or over the air via the network server and downlink data to the sensor. The sampling rate, spreading factor, encryption keys, port, and modes can be changed. All sensor settings can be locked from the server or NFC to make end-users unable to read or change settings on the sensor

Connect ERS CO2 to the Cloud

Elsys ERS CO2 can be connected to Semvar for instant data visualization, dashboards, alerting, and machine learning.

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