Outdoor Air Quality

Decentlab DL-LP8P

Outdoor compatible CO2 , Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure Sensor Connects instantly to Semvar for data visualisation, reporting and alerting.

Outdoor Air Quality

An outdoor-ready air quality monitor continuously measures carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

Air TemperatureAir Temperature
Carbon DioxideCarbon Dioxide
Barometric PressureBarometric Pressure


Automatic Sensor Calibration

Barometric pressure and temperature data are used by the CO2 sensor to compensate for temperature and pressure variations and the elevation above sea level. Unattended real-time monitoring for several years without replacing batteries.

State-of-the-art non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology

Global environmental surveillance: ground and atmospheric CO2 sensing. Ideal for indoor air quality monitoring in offices, classrooms, hospitals, stores or malls. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control for good indoor air quality and energy savings.

Connect DL-LP8P to the Cloud

Decentlab DL-LP8P can be connected to Semvar for instant data visualization, dashboards, alerting, and machine learning.

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