Indoor Air Quality

Decentlab DL-IAM

Indoor Ambience Monitor including CO2, TVOC and Motion Sensor Connects instantly to Semvar for data visualisation, reporting and alerting.

Indoor Air Quality

Decentlab’s indoor ambiance monitor continuously measures carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ambient light and motion / presence. These data allow to quantify the air quality, temperature and illumination (ambiance) in offices, class rooms, hospitals, stores or malls. These data also indicate the presence of people and how they move in a room. This allows to efficiently control heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and illumination corresponding to the actual situation in a specific room.

Air TemperatureAir Temperature
Barometric PressureBarometric Pressure
Carbon DioxideCarbon Dioxide


State-of-the-art CO2 and VOC sensors.

VOCs are molecules of hazardous chemicals in the air. Exposure to these chemicals can directly and negatively impact your health. The need for monitoring VOC's can be critical - especially indoors or in enclosed areas.

Industry standard humidity and temperature sensor

Ensure ideal humidity levels, prevent mould and preserve your building's integrity. By monitoring temperature fluctuations, these sensors can be used to optimise HVAC systems, cutting down on energy expenses.

High accuracy barometric pressure sensor.

This sensor effortlessly detects movement and occupancy within spaces, unlocking a range of efficiency and security opportunities within your buildings.

Connect DL-IAM to the Cloud

Decentlab DL-IAM can be connected to Semvar for instant data visualization, dashboards, alerting, and machine learning.

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