Water Management

Decentlab DL-MBX

Ultrasonic Distance / Level Sensor for LoRaWAN® Connects instantly to Semvar for data visualisation, reporting and alerting.

Water Management

The device DL-MBX enables remote monitoring of water level, fill level of tanks and silos, fill level of waste containers, presence of objects or snow level. It measures the distance between the sensor head and the target (rangefinder). The measurement principle is based on ultrasonic waves which are transmitted by the sensor and reflected back from nearby objects. Using the time of flight of the sound waves and the speed of sound (temperature compensated), the sensor computes the traveling distance and thus the distance to the object.

Distance / LevelDistance / Level


Water level detection

By monitoring water levels in rivers, reservoirs, or drainage systems, this technology aids in flood prevention, alerting authorities to potential risks and allowing for proactive measures. In cities prone to heavy rainfall or coastal areas susceptible to rising tides, water level detection systems provide early warnings, enabling swift responses to mitigate flood damage.

Snow level detection

With an impressive operational temperature as low as -20°C, this sensor ensures precise and reliable measurements in extreme cold. Safeguard your environment with accurate snow level monitoring, enabling timely interventions and proactive measures.

Up to 10.5 years battery life

Perfectly suited for remote and hard-to-access environments, this exceptional battery life ensures uninterrupted monitoring without the hassle of frequent replacements or maintenance. Ideal for remote installations, this extended battery duration guarantees reliable data collection over long periods, offering peace of mind in challenging, distant settings.

Durable Sensor Shielding

Weatherproof, impact-resistant, and UV-resistant properties, ensuring reliable performance in harsh conditions. Achieving IP66/IP67 ratings, this robust material safeguards against the elements, providing resilience against water and dust ingress. Additionally, benefit from the pressure equaliser plug featuring a PTFE membrane, boasting an IP68 rating. This plug ensures optimal protection against moisture, maintaining the integrity of the sensor housed within an IP67-rated enclosure.

Connect DL-MBX to the Cloud

Decentlab DL-MBX can be connected to Semvar for instant data visualization, dashboards, alerting, and machine learning.

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